Shiny First-Party Data

How much first-party data do you or your clients actually have? This is one of the big challenges for most data-driven marketers and the reason some of the World’s biggest agency groups are looking to acquire 1st party data sources (so they can monetise it).

The reality is that brands need to put in the legwork to develop their own first-party data through an actionable ecosystem that has components actively dedicated to generating signals which identify and qualify customers, and improve CX and acquisition.

Third party cookies are on the way out, and device IDs and other more robust tracking methods are being used to build more effective unified targeting, but for most advertisers their own first party data is limited.

Once upon a time publishers sat on the biggest sources of data but today Google and Facebook dwarf even the largest publisher. All of them are scrambling to reduce their reliance on 3rd party cookies but the reality is that for now, cookies will remain part of the ecosystem, at least at a first party level.

We can help you build a systematic and actionable approach to harnessing your first party data.